Top 7: Things To Do On Valentines Day

For many men and women, Valentine’s Day is a dreadful celebration. You don’t know what to do, whether they’ll like it or not…. whether your plans will clash or whether it’s too much. Whatever ideas you have for this February the 14th, be sure to check out our suggestions below to aid your brainstorming session. Whether you want to go all out, or delicately hint to something more, you don’t have to go bankrupt for it (though you always could!).

1. “Something sweet”

Anticipation is everything. So make sure to plan for everything ahead! It doesn’t have to be much. Flowers. Flowers work ANY day…especially on Valentine’s Day. You could give them a flower when they first open their eyes in the morning and another at night accompanied by a box of chocolate and the wine they love, or you could go all out and pave their path with rose petals when they come from work. So what it’s corny? It’s V Day….you get a pass!

2. “Something silly…but endearing”

An email an hour, a text… something to show them they’re always on your mind. Finally, if you’re THAT gifted…write a song, poem or small note to show her that you’re willing to venture into that whole ‘expressive thing’. Ladies, it applies to you too – you know it goes both ways! You could even fill a large box with all things red and have it sent at their workplace. The V-Day care package should be more than enough.

3. “Déjà vu”

Re-enact your first date. Need I say more? Surely you both remember it. You do. They do. It will be a memorable day once more…and it will set the mood for the sparkly romance!

4. “Plan an escape”

Be spontaneous! It will surely boost your love life and you will both feel excited, yet completely at ease with each other. Pick a romantic resort sort of thing, or have some back-up ready … and give THEM the choice to pick what they’d like to do and make sure they have the day free. Either way, go out. Have fun. At the end of the day, make sure to pick a good hotel room so that your day ends on a relaxed tone. No one has to do the dishes or cook the dinner…you can just watch a movie and focus solely on being with each other.

5. “Go wild”

Try something new…like an activity you haven’t tried yet. Dancing classes, a scavenger hunt…paintballing? Why not? Think if they will like too. You will have lots of fun…and get to brag about a new skill. If you’re short on money you can buy kit sets online, or dancing DVDs – get on YouTube if you have to. You have no excuse!

6. “Massage, ma’am? Sir?”

Everyone likes a good massage. Book a full body massage at a favourite spa…or include yourself and go for a couple’s deal. Just the thing to get the mood set for the eve.

7. “Dinner for two”

Everyone loves being pampered. The roses, a nice card and a candlelight dinner – chocolate too. No one will ever complain. You can end it with their favourite romantic dinner. OR … a picnic. V Day can be perfect way to have some fun and expand your boundaries. A packed lunch with your favourite foods and a picturesque place will ensure you will have an awesome time – Chocolate, don’t forget the chocolate! If that’s not your sort of thing either, you could end up showing at his office right before lunch armed with tons of kisses, then rendezvous for dinner where you can write him a nice welcome home sign accompanied with a Hershey kisses train to your bedroom.

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